Good Directions Pure Copper Bird Bath on Garden Pole



The Pure Copper Bird Bath with garden pole from Good Directions adds ambiance to any outdoor oasis, bringing beautiful birds to any backyard. A staked garden pole serves as a sturdy support for this classy copper bowl. Creativity combined with high-quality materials, producing a piece that is built-to-last. Simply place atop the included garden post, this standing bath attracts an array of birds. The decorative edge doubles as a retreat for feathered-friends to rest between drinks. Dimensions: 40” H x 13.5” D.

•Artisan-hammered, 22-gauge pure copper bowl
•Decorative lip allows birds to perch and get a drink
•Copper is a natural germ-killer which helps maintain a sanitary bird bath
•Added support provided by a 3-prong base. Basin is 2” deep as recommended by the Audubon Society
•Powder-coated pole made from durable steel measures 36”
•Easy to setup and enjoy
•Dimensions: 40” H x 13.5” D
•Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 2.7216 kg
Dimensions 38.1 × 38.1 × 24.13 cm


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