Copper Star Fly-Thru Bird Feeder Large 4 lb. Seed Capacity



Make birds the stars of your favorite show with the Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder from Good Directions! Three feeding locations set the stage, making seed easily accessible. Our see-through structure gives birders an optimal view, while birds come and go. Thoughtfully placed perches shield feathered-friends from precipitation. Powerful plexiglass combines with a resilient copper finish to create a bold, yet beautiful piece that’s built to endure all elements. Simple by design, this feeder is hung with ease, and makes knowing-when-to-fill a breeze. Side panel easily opens for filling and drainage holes help keep seed dry. Measuring 16″ H x 16″ W x 4″ D, it’s sized to hold a plentiful 4-pounds of seed so you don’t have to fill as often!

•Unique star shape with resilient copper finish invites birds to feast
•Thoughtful design includes strong plexiglass that withstands the elements
•Easy to hang and enjoy
•Large 4-pound seed capacity so you don’t have to fill as often
•Side panel opens for easy filling•Drainage holes keep seed dry
•Dimensions: 16″ H x 16″ W x 4″ D

Additional information

Weight 2.268 kg
Dimensions 43.18 × 43.18 × 12.7 cm


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