Buddha Pure Copper 8.5 ft. Rain Chain



The Buddha Rain Chain from Good Directions is artistically-designed and handmade using pure copper to create a rain chain that is both beautiful and functional. Alternating 3.5-inch large cups Buddhas and ohm ornaments link together wonderfully with brass chain to form an 8.5-foot rain chain that promotes water flow and allows water to cascade beautifully from rooftop to ground. Each wide-mouthed Buddha cup is carefully-crafted to promote a smooth flow of water to the peaceful ohm ornaments below. For easy installation a gutter clip is included. You will welcome rain when you replace your ordinary gutter downspout with this Zen inspired rain chain. Our rain chains are built to last and are backed by an industry-exclusive Lifetime Warranty to ensure your satisfaction. For over 38 years, Good Directions has been handcrafting pure copper works of art to enhance the homes of house-proud homeowners. | •Find your Zen with the handcrafted beauty of this 22 Gauge Pure Copper Buddha Rain Chain
•Rain chains are visually-appealing alternative to traditional gutter downspouts
•Wide-mouthed cups allow rain to elegantly cascade down creating a pleasant ambiance of sights and sounds
•Dimensions: 8.5’ long with alternating 3.5” Buddha cups and Ohm ornaments
•Easy to install, (installation clip included)
•Lifetime Warranty
•Copper develops a beautiful patina over time

Additional information

Weight 1.3608 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 17.78 × 12.7 cm


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