30″ Large Stainless Steel Spark Screen with Lifter



The intricately woven Stainless Steel mesh spark screen offers an added layer of protection to any outdoor fire pit blaze! Use the included spark screen lifter to easily slide the screen open and closed. |
•Intricately woven mesh made of polished Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is weather resistant for added longevity.
•Spark Screen Lifter included.
•Hinged spark screen allows easy access to the fire without the need to remove the screen and has convenient handle on top to lift the screen on and off.
•Prevents sparks and embers from escaping.
•Inner dimensions: 28-7/8″ W x 28-3/4″ D; Outer dimensions: 29-1/2″ W x 30-5/8″ D; 17″ Height (including handle). Fits Good Directions 772 Fire Pit.
•Due to the hinged nature of the screen, the diameter is shorter one way than the other, which allows the shorter screen to easily rotate open inside the larger half of the screen.

Additional information

Weight 11.7934 kg
Dimensions 83.82 × 45.72 × 48.26 cm


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