Chimney Caps

Made in Metal specializes in the custom manufacturing of chimney caps.
Add a traditional or modern finished look to your chimney, while protecting it from water damage, small animals and debris. All of our caps are custom made to order to ensure an exact match for your chimney. Normally, materials such as copper, zinc, or painted steel are choice for chimney cap fabrication. 
If you have a different idea or design that you want for your home let us know and we’ll help you in designing your own unique chimney cap that not only functions but becomes your own architectural design statement.

Available in a Variety of Styles

Our chimney caps are custom made to your specifications.

Standing Seam Series

The standing seam design adds visual detail and appeal to any chimney. This style effectively sheds water away from the top of the chimney promoting longevity.

The expanded screen allows for ventilation while protecting the chimney from small animals and debris.

Pan and Batton Series

The pan and batten design is one of our most requested chimney designs. The Pan and batten series effectively diverts water adding more years to the life of your chimney.

Contemporary Series

These contemporary custom Canadian made chimney caps are constructed with skill and great attention to detail. A beautiful addition to any roof. This sleek, modern design has a clean look.

Standard Series

The standard series chimney caps are our most cost-effective cap option. The clean lines give a sophisticated look while providing protection from the elements and small animals.

Request for Quote

Please fill out the quote request form with your measurements and metal of choice and we will provide you with a quote for your custom project.